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Sun care for Guam succulents

For those of us who live in Guam, we all know Guam’s sunlight can be scorching hot during the afternoon.

Heck, sometimes we complain about it in-doors. But let’s beat the heat for the love of succulents!

Here’s some tips about sun care for Guam succulents:

1. The best sunlight in Guam…

…is morning sunlight! In the morning, Guam still retains some cool air from the previous night while the sunlight gives perfect photosynthesis for our succulents.

2. Succulents CAN sunburn. πŸ™

Guam’s afternoon sunlight and heat can be problematic for our succulents. I’ve had my fair share of failures too. Dried/browned edges of their leaves are signs of being sunburned.

During the afternoon, I’ve learned it’s best to keep them in a shaded area, or generally where there’s less direct sunlight.

3. Gradually introduce in-door succulents to outside sunlight.

If you plan on moving an in-door succulent outside, gradually expose them to direct sunlight. First, move the succulent outside where the sun doesn’t directly hit them. After a few days, move it where sun will it hit it partially. Finally, after a few more days, move it where the succulent is fully exposed to sunlight.

This will prevent the succulent from becoming stressed and sunburned.

4. Continue watering your succulent’s soil when dry.

If you’re caring for your succulent outside, keep in mind your that the sun dries up soil faster than it does for in-door succulents. Insufficient watering can dry up and damage the succulent’s roots. Just remember the rule of thumb: water when the soil is completely dry.

5. Inspect your succulents from time to time.

Insufficient sun will cause petals to point downwards and look sad. πŸ™ With sufficient sun care, you’ll see your succulents blush with color, leaves perk up, and simply look more healthy and radiant.Β  πŸ™‚

6. Different species of succulents require different care from others.

Softer succulents (such as echevarias) are more prone to getting sunburned. Their soft delicate petals/leaves are less tolerant of excessive sunlight.

Harder succulents (such as cacti/aloes) are more tolerant because of their hardy skin. However, it’s better to research on your succulent’s species for the best sun care! πŸ™‚

-Jen πŸ™‚

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